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Innovation and entrepreneurship

The spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship at the Ballarat Technology Park's (BTP) enable techno-driven businesses to thrive and prosper, in dynamic and supportive environments. This fast evolving precinct is designed to encourage and support the development of both emerging and existing technologyoriented enterprises.


More from our tenants...

Thacient Software Pty Ltd

Thacient Software Pty Ltd

"When looking for a location to set up Thacient Software Australia, our decision criteria included:

  • easy access to major markets;
  • a good local IT skills base;
  • low-risk start-up environment with headroom for growth; and, of course
  • the...
Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation

Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation

"Informal support systems operate quite extensively within the Park, with people sharing technical tips and tricks.  I think it would be very difficult to find an alternate location that would satisfy our needs."


John Harvey

John Harvey

‘We've benefitted not just in terms of lowering labour costs through using a partly undergraduate workforce but also in generating an ongoing pipeline of talent for the IBM IT Services Centre.’

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